History of Crystal Miniature Pinschers

Originally started by Jonathan De Freitas in his home land of Trinidad and Tobago. He was born into a family deeply involved in horse racing thus he grew up with a passion and love for animals.  The excitement of competing with animals came natural and it was no surprise that the hobby of showing dogs would become a passion his passion.

His first experience with a Miniature Pinscher was once of chance as the breed is not very prevalent on the island of Trinidad as most canine hobbyist are into large working dog breeds.  One weekend, as a young teen, the family stayed with some friends at a beach house where he met one of their mutual friends who had a young black and rust male Miniature Pinscher.  The dog’s animation, size, energy and inquisitive personality completely captivated Jonathan and thus began his obsession and love for these wonderful little dogs.

As a young adult Jonathan purchased his first Miniature Pinscher and over the span of 12 years, imported and bred number of quality Min Pins.  By building a relationship with some of the best breeders in the USA he was able to have a lot of success in the show ring earning multiple Championships and Best in Show Winners. He eventually got involved with the Trinidad and Tobago Kennel Club and became an Executive Member as Assistant Treasurer/Secretary.

In 2013 an opportunity to advance his career was presented and he opted to take that opportunity and move to San Diego, unfortunately in the process having to leave behind his dogs with his family.  San Diego was a great move for him career wise and most importantly allowed him to meet his amazing partner Charles Boyd who would go onto become his husband.

Although Charles had no experience with dogs, Jonathan’s passion for Miniature Pinschers was infectious and upon purchasing their first home decided to get back into the Hobby. Through their close relationships with breeders/mentors they have been able to carefully select some wonderful dogs that has afforded them success in the show ring despite being extremely new to the USA show ring.